Gain Traction Client Results - Certified EOS Implementation™

EOS® has helped our team get more aligned in everything we do. This has resulted in a more organized way to run our company and achieving more as a team. Margaret has played a very important role in the success of EOS® implementation for our company. She keeps us on track, teaches the tools in a way that we can all relate to, and holds us accountable for being open, honest and the leaders we need to be. She teaches with a ton of passion & enthusiasm which contributes to positive results! J. Sefton, BHFO, Inc.

EOS® has provided structure to create processes, evaluate effectiveness of staff, plan for future growth and create a healthy culture. The tools and resources provided are invaluable! I can’t imagine what it would be like without EOS®. Margaret understands the disciplines of EOS® very well and does an amazing job sharing those with us such that we understand the value and how to use it effectively within our organization. She has always been available to assist with any of our questions. J. Milligan, KELTEK, Inc.

We have more productive meetings, better accountability and clearer purpose understood by all. Better allocation of resources in support of purpose and focus, and better alignment of the leadership team. Team health has improved. Margaret’s knowledge of the EOS® process and her ability to lead the team through learning a simple yet challenging new system has been impressive. Margaret’s calm and confident leadership contributed greatly to us successfully implementing EOS® in a short timeframe. D. Jamison, IFA